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Automotive Recycling

This material has been developed to present a full range of information related to automotive recycling. The material is arranged into relevant topics and then divided into sections for each main type of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle: Biodiesel; Ethanol; Natural Gas; Propane; Hydrogen; and Electric Drive (HEVs, PHEVs, BEVs, and FCEVs).

The Automotive Recycling Safety Booklet provides an explanation on why automotive recyclers need to be aware of the growing number of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles that can be found on roadways today. This material serves as a basic primer to understanding the need for alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, as well as introductory information on the specific alternative fuels and vehicles that utilize them.

As a supplement to the Safety Booklet, the Automotive Recycling & Towing/Roadside Assistance Safety Procedures Guide has been developed as a quick resource for towing and roadside assistance and automotive recycling personnel to assist with safety procedures in dealing with alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. The guide provides information on the main types of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles (biodiesel; ethanol; natural gas; propane; hydrogen; and electric drive), and includes information on identification, example vehicles, safety and first aid, securing the vehicle, towing, roadside assistance, and dismantling.

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