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This four-hour workshop helps participants understand the production of hydrogen with electricity from solar, wind, and water power, newest technologies used in a hydrogen production, and fuel cell technology and applications in hydrogen vehicles.

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Course materials provided:

  • Participant Manual – ISBN 978-1-933954-42-4
  • Includes review questions and learning activities
  • Each module of the Participant’s Manual contains text, illustrations, explanatory figures and tables, module review questions, and a list of key terms and abbreviations

Workshop designed for:

  • Automotive Technicians
  • Towing
  • Automotive Recycling
  • Fleet Managers
  • Government Officials / Decision Makers
  • Secondary Education
  • Post-Secondary Education
  • Code Officials / AHJs
  • Construction / Contractors
  • General / Consumers

Taught by certified NAFTC instructors, this four-hour workshop will enable you to:

  • Describe what hydrogen is and how to identify it.
  • Describe how hydrogen may help the environment.
  • Describe what energy security is and how to use hydrogen to attain it.
  • Describe how hydrogen is transported.
  • Describe how hydrogen is distributed.
  • Explain the differences between hydrogen ICE-powered vehicles and fuel cell vehicles.
  • Describe how hydrogen is transported.

Course outline:

  • Chemical properties of hydrogen, flammability range, octane rating and hydrogen storage
  • Producing hydrogen from natural gas steam methane reforming
  • Manufacturing and production
  • Transport, distribution and US pipelines infrastructure
  • Identifying hydrogen hazard placards
  • Differences between hydrogen and conventional vehicles, and fuel cells verses ICE
  • Hydrogen vehicle components, safety and performance

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