Let's Clear the Air Year in Review

Thursday, December 1st, 2016 Technical Articles
Let's Clear the Air Year in Review

Throughout the year, the “Let’s Clear the Air” column of the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) eNews provides articles and other materials about specific issues of a technical nature designed for automotive technicians, students, and others with a technical interest in the alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) industry. These articles delve deeply into AFV issues and processes.

Many of these articles are drawn from the NAFTC materials, members, and partners. The articles are meant to clarify complex procedures for those that may not be able to attend current training, or simply for those with inquiring minds. The articles can also be used to spark discussion or further exploration in automotive classes or training sessions.

For the first several months of this year, “Let’s Clear the Air” covered various AFV topics. In January, the column covered the cold weather performance of AFVs . The February column explained some of the information available in the new NAFTC Propane Autogas Vehicle Technician Training with an overview of propane autogas fueling systems. Next, the column showed a video of the importance of seeking qualified technicians to install conversion systems. The April column showed how a new automotive comparison app shows fuel economy of vehicles , and the May column showed a video about electric vehicle racing.

For the ensuing six months of 2016, “Let’s Clear the Air” hosted an in-depth discussion of alternative fuels production and source materials. The column covered biodiesel , natural gas , propane autogas , ethanol , hydrogen , and electricity , as a vehicle fuel. These articles are based on the Clean Cities Learning Program Petroleum Reduction Technologies curriculum. For more information, visit the Clean Cities Learning Program or contact the NAFTC.

If you are an alternative fuel or advanced technology vehicle expert interested in contributing to “Let’s Clear the Air” in 2017, please contact the NAFTC at 304-293-7882 or e-mail naftc@mail.wvu.edu.