NAFTC Joins Efforts with Earth Day TX to Conduct Odyssey Kickoff Event and Alternative Fuel Vehicle Summit

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 Odyssey Updates
NAFTC Joins Efforts with Earth Day TX to Conduct Odyssey Kickoff Event         and Alternative Fuel Vehicle Summit

The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC), a program of West Virginia University, has joined forces with the world’s largest Earth Day initiative—Earth Day Texas—to conduct the 2017 Kickoff Event for National Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Day Odyssey. Earth Day Texas will host the kickoff as part of a one-day Alternative Fuel Vehicle Summit, coordinated by the NAFTC.

Both the Odyssey Kickoff and Odyssey Summit will be held on April 20 at Fair Park in Dallas, as the opening day of the Earth Day Texas events, which will run from April 19-23, 2017.

The Odyssey National Kickoff Event is conducted to bring attention to the nationwide activities of Odyssey and to focus national media attention on its message about the importance of alternative fuel vehicles to ensure a clean, secure energy future.

Established in 2002, Odyssey is the largest nationwide event promoting the use of and educating the public on alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles to reduce our nations’ dependence on foreign oil and for cleaner air. Odyssey events will take place across the country on April 20, and will feature AFV industry experts, vehicle displays, ride-and-drives, and other activities.

NAFTC Director Bill Davis commented, “A partnership between the NAFTC and Earth Day Texas is going to strengthen both organizations and the message they are conveying. These two groups are instrumental in efforts to provide future generations of Americans with both a clean environment and the knowledge to use environmentally friendly vehicles for our transportation needs. The partnership highlights that ‘Together, we do make a difference.’ It takes people and groups working together to provide for the future of our children and grandchildren.”

Earth Day Texas anticipates more than 150,000 attendees to pass through its gates this year, where they will have the opportunity to visit exhibits, attend presentations, and view demonstrations from environmentally conscious businesses and organizations.

Earth Day Texas President Ryan A. Brown, said “Creating space for discussions about alternative fuels is one of our top priorities. Innovations in fuel make it easier for everyday people to live sustainable lives, accelerating the movement toward a healthier planet.”

The Odyssey Summit will follow the kickoff event and will feature industry speakers and presentations on alternative fuel vehicles, focusing on their importance, availability, and upkeep. Numerous alternative fuel vehicles will also be on display.

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