NAFTC at the UNOH Instructor Update Seminar

Thursday, August 15th, 2019 Members Spotlight
NAFTC at the UNOH Instructor Update Seminar

For 35 years, the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH) has hosted the Instructor Update Seminar. The annual event—held this year from July 17th through 20th—provides training for high school and community college automotive instructors. Event attendees are able to earn continuing education credits for the event.

Attendees came from across the country to see the UNOH facilities and learn from industry experts leading dozens of workshops with topics ranging from electronics to diesel engines to alternative fuels. The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) taught an electric drive vehicle course to three different classes and brought our cutaway Prius to help illustrate concepts discussed in the classroom. The course was a condensed version of NAFTC’s four- or five-day curriculum devoted to electric drive and hybrid vehicles.

NAFTC Trainer and Class Participants Inspect Electric Vehicle

NAFTC Instructor Mark Schmidt shows components of the Toyota Prius to participants in the electric drive class at UNOH’s Instructor Update Seminar. Credit: NAFTC.

“Every year, the UNOH seminar is a highlight on our calendar,” says Micheal Smyth, NAFTC interim director. “In addition to the top-notch training that goes on every July, the UNOH faculty and staff hospitality can’t be beat. The institution is one of the top automotive schools in the country and I encourage instructors to attend next year’s event.”

NAFTC Banner Displayed in UNOH Garage

UNOH offers alternative fuel vehicle training and is a long-standing NAFTC member. Credit: NAFTC.

UNOH has been a part of the NAFTC’s national consortium since its founding in 1992. Learn more about NAFTC members by visiting