Training Schedule

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The NAFTC’s training schedule is currently on hold due to the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). Please follow the Centers for Disease Control guidelines for social distancing, hand washing, and other measures. Stay healthy! We will post an updated training schedule once things return to normal.

SCHEDULE A TRAINING or call us at  (304) 293-7882 for more information.

NAFTC personnel are also making changes to our online offerings, including the “Towing and Roadside Assistance” and “Salvage and Automotive Recycling” courses.

Listed below are the upcoming NAFTC training sessions. Follow the link listed on each session for course information and electronic class registration.

Additional classes will be added, but if you have specific training needs not addressed by the offerings below, please contact us.

In addition to the sessions listed on the schedule, all NAFTC training sessions are available as contract training specifically for your group or organization, hosted at in your area.