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Available for groups only, this workshop helps participants learn safety concerns, the proper way to tow an electric drive vehicle, and how to find and read quick reference guides. Participants will also share alternative fuel vehicle experiences in the towing business.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the different types of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles and how to recognize them by brand name and manufacturer.
  • Understand different advanced battery technology and how they differ from lead acid in regards to safety and handing at an accident site.
  • Explain how to properly respond to different types of fuel spills from alternative fuel vehicles.
  • Explain how to respond to fires involving alternative fuel vehicles.
  • Describe when and how to use safety disconnects for electric vehicles before towing.
  • Demonstrate what type of equipment to use when towing an electric drive vehicle and how to attach to them.
  • Explain added safety precautions while hoisting an electric drive vehicle onto a flat-bed tow truck.
  • Know standard towing operating procedures for electric drive vehicles.
  • Expalain safety issues in regards to CNG, LNG, propane autogas, ethanol, and biodiesel.


For more information email Cristina Dumitrescu at or call her at  (304) 293-6906

Course materials provided:

  • Participant Manual – ISBN 978-1-933954-15-8
  • Each module contains:
    • Illustrations
    • Explanatory Figures and Tables
    • Review Questions
    • Key Terms

Course designed for:

  • Towing Company Employees
  • Fleet Managers